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Much has been written concerning the desirability of teaching health profession students about bioethics, and several texts have been published to assist in that endeavor. Similarly, the virtues of including courses in medical jurisprudence in the law school curriculum have been widely accepted, and there are at least three fine casebooks in this field to which teachers and students may turn. Additionally, a number of volumes, predominantly of the anthology type, attempt to combine in one work the subjects of bioethics and the law. Some of these books may be found useful for the classroom, where increasingly these two distinct but interrelated disciplines are being coalesced into a unified learning experience. Against this background, Professors Shapiro and Spece have labored mightily and brought forth the first casebook on bioethical issues and principles designed primarily for use in law school courses.


Marshall B. Kapp is an Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine in Society, Wright State University School of Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Dayton School of Law. B.A. Johns Hopkins University (1971); J.D. (With Honors) George Washington University (1974); M.P.H. Harvard University (1978).

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