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Thanks to a gift from the Berry Family Foundation and the Berry family, the University Honors Program launched the Berry Summer Thesis Institute in 2012. The institute introduces students in the University Honors Program to intensive research, scholarship opportunities and professional development. Each student pursues a 12-week summer thesis research project under the guidance of a UD faculty mentor. This contains the product of the students' research.


  • “How Porous Materials Affect the Boundary-Layer Transition of Hypersonic Flight Vehicles” (Megan C. Sieve)
  • “Ultra-Stretchable, Self-Healing, DLP 3D-Printed Elastomers for Damage-Resistant Soft Robots: A Review” (Robert M. A. Drexler)
  • “Extrapolation of Scalar Measurements in a Helium Jet Using Rainbow Schlieren Deflectometry” (Joseph R. Kastner)
  • “Characterizing the Frequency Response of Pressure-Sensitive Paint” (Charles J. Strunc)
  • “Understanding Calcium Signaling in Invasive Glioblastoma Cells in a Microfluidic Model: A Review” (Jenna Abdelhamed)
  • “A Brief Review on the TGF-β Pathway During Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition of Glioblastoma Multiforme” (Khadija Fatima)
  • “The Effects of Environmental Factors on Listeria monocytogenes Fitness and Pathogenesis” (Nicolina Valore)
  • “How We Free Ourselves: Contemporary Feminism and Freedom” (Aila A. Carr-Chellman)
  • “Perception of Interpersonal Distance in Reality” (Connor N. Kuntz)


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