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Thanks to a gift from the Berry Family Foundation and the Berry family, the University Honors Program launched the Berry Summer Thesis Institute in 2012. The institute introduces students in the University Honors Program to intensive research, scholarship opportunities and professional development. Each student pursues a 12-week summer thesis research project under the guidance of a UD faculty mentor. This contains the product of the students' research.

Thesis projects from 2022 include:

“Musical Expressions and Symbolic Forms,” by Jacob Biesecker-Mast

“Lovecraft, the Uncanny, and The Sublime: A Psychoanalytic Critique of H.P. Lovecraft's Fiction,” by Jules Carr-Chellman

“Critical Review of Literature Surrounding 'Cultish' Evangelical Pastor Mark Driscoll,” by Phillip Cicero

“Music Therapy Treatment Considerations for Adolescents with Attachment Challenges,” by Jaylee Sowders

“The Snuffed Critique of Modernity: Adapting Brideshead Revisited for the Twenty-First Century,” by Caitlin G. Spicer

“Where Do Female Athletes Get Their Role Models? Exploring Women's Basketball in the U.S from Inception to NIL,” by Tierra Freeman

“Overview of Cardiovascular Benefits and Mechanical Demands of the Kettlebell Swing Exercise: Implications for Work Economy,” by Daniel E. Vencel

“Identifying the Effects of Low Temperatures and Propionate on L. monocytogenes Growth and Pathogenesis: A Review,” by Lizzy Herr

“Determining the Effects of Propionate on Listeria Monocytogenes Susceptibility to Lysozome Degradation,” by Jeanne Paula E. Sering

“Anti-Predation Behavior in Response to Conspecific Visual, Olfactory, and Damage Cues in the Three-Spined Stickleback,” by Claire VanMeter