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Jaro Bilocerkowycz, Ph.D.


International Studies

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Honors Thesis


With the steady melting of Arctic ice, the door has opened to northern shipping routes and access to Arctic oil reserves. As a result, the Russian Federation has jumped at the chance to control as much of the Far North as possible, aggressively militarizing Cold-War-Era bases and staking claims of vast maritime territory. With all of these recent developments, the political climate at the top of the world is changing dramatically. How is Russia flexing its muscles to control Arctic natural resources and what does this mean for the national security interests of the United States? This study will examine the institutions for Arctic governance and recent Russian activities--political and military-- in the Arctic region. It will show how Russia's bold actions in, and militarization of, the Arctic region poses a threat to the United States' national security interests. I will provide examples of Russian military exercises conducted in the region as well quantitative data showing Arctic technological and military assets. The analysis will explain why Russia's policy in the Arctic is aggressive and what the implications are for the United States and other Arctic states.

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