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Jeanne Holcomb, Ph.D.


Sociology, Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Honors Thesis


School gardens have been shown to have positive effects on children’s academic performance and personal lives. Five Rivers’ Metro Parks has a program in place to encourage and assist schools, within the Dayton region, to implement school gardens and/or habitats. This research examines the efficacy of the Green Schoolyards program through surveys and interviews with teachers and staff of 15 schools where the program has made at least one contact. This research will help inform the Five Rivers staff by identifying perceived benefits and constraints related to implementing school gardens, and may facilitate the expansion of the Green Schoolyards program. Results indicate an alignment with the literature of positive outcomes of school gardens. Analysis of the data also shows that the program has been helpful for many schools but the Metro Parks can improve their efficacy by turning some of their focus towards supporting self-capacity among and between schools supporting the green schoolyards initiative.

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