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Joseph Pici, M.A.



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Honors Thesis


Abstract In this collection of short stories, each short story is a unique exploration of the powerful and often enigmatic concept of loss. The common unity for the collection presents itself in two parts: place and theme. Characters of all ages, from all walks of life, go to the river to have their voices heard and to grieve a particular form of loss. The collection takes a dynamic and expansive view on loss, and each short story reflects a different idea or experience of loss. It seeks to examine not only what can be lost, but also what can and cannot be found. Some losses explored include: loss of life, control, direction and sanity. While each story takes place around a different river and examines a different form of loss, the image of the river embodies the collection, as a river is both a thing in itself and a part of something much greater.

Disclaimer This collection can be thought of as a first edition of Whose Voice the Waters Heard. Significant additions, deletions and alterations are to be expected in the ongoing revision process of this short story collection.

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