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Joni L. Baldwin


Teacher Education

Publication Date

Spring 4-2014

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Honors Thesis


This qualitative study’s purpose was to research effective literacy instruction in three separate primary classrooms. Three teachers were observed and interviewed as to how they are delivering best instruction in their respective classrooms. These observations were then compared with Gail Tompkins’ (2011) effective literacy educator statements as well as other best practice techniques. Once all of the data was collected, the primary investigator traced similarities throughout the three teachers and made five new additions to the collection of effective literacy educator statements by Gail Tompkins. Implications of this study include the impending Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee which is an unfunded mandate for the state of Ohio. It requires a third grade reading level for all students leaving that grade or they face retention. Literacy is a crucial part of life which is why having effective literacy instruction in the early grades is so important.

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