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Five Rivers Metroparks and the Miami Conservancy District have made plans to remove the upper portion of the Monument Avenue low-head dam in downtown Dayton due to the hazard it poses for recreation on the river and its negative impact on water quality and biodiversity. The plans also include modifying the dam with “kayak drops” and the construction of a second kayak drop slightly upstream of the location of the current low dam to enhance recreational opportunities on the river. Typically, low dam removal alter the flow and depth of a river, especially above the dam in the impounded area where the river should revert back to a more natural flowing-water habitat characterized by alternating pools and riffles. Greater flow velocity should improve water quality and remove fine silt from the channel bottom and improve habitat conditions for aquatic life. Engineering modifications to the dam should remove the dangerous undertow below the dam significantly reducing the danger of drowning to recreational users. The goal of this project is to help analyze the effects of low dam removal on macroinvertebrate and fish communities by measuring the communities before and after low dam removal. However, the contents of this thesis only cover preremoval conditions since post-removal monitoring will take place after graduation. From our findings, it is evident that the regions surrounding the dam are degraded, and dam removal will be a beneficial remediation strategy in this region.

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