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Nicola Work, Ph.D.


Global Languages and Cultures

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Honors Thesis


This cross-disciplinary research on French-Algerian relations is designed to expose the influence of historical, societal, and economic perspectives on the present and future of cultural and economic integration. Using a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze French-Algerian relations, this research comprehensively leverages seemingly unrelated factors that have impacted the transition of France-Algeria from European colonization to globalization. In this work, their colonial history and statistics on population, immigration, and employment are used to introduce the development of French-Algerian relations from 1830-2016. This research considers how French and Algerian government policies have shaped the development of societal factors by analyzing data on immigrant national identity, French and Arabic language usage, and Islam and secularism in France. The role of biculturalism in economic affairs, specifically considering the cultural conflict with oil, has influenced the development of economic integration between France and Algeria. As Algeria currently seeks economic diversification and 2018 French politicians recognize France’s unspoken relationship with Algeria, this work describes the current conflict in the oil industry and presents bilateral economic cooperation opportunities that could result in long-term economic stability and a young generation in France and Algeria that experiences positive outcomes of globalization.

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