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Deogratias Eustace


Civil & Environmental Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

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Spring 4-2014

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Honors Thesis


The mode of transportation a user picks impacts the environment, the social environment, and the user himself/herself. While research on alternative modes of transportation is prevalent in both the engineering and sociology fields, little attention has been given to the choices people make concerning how they run errands and other social trips, focusing instead on commuter trips. This case study examines three different shopping malls and the surrounding bus stops in order to determine the role distance plays in bus usage and the value that shopping centers place on access to local bus routes. Determination of the value and potential limitations of the current bus route design enables recommendations to be made in bus route and shopping center designs to maximize transit usage to shopping centers Recommendations aim to maximize flexibility and time on the part of the consumer, and ultimately increase visitors and sales in the shopping areas, which will ultimately boost the local economy.

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Civil and Environmental Engineering | Engineering | Mechanical Engineering