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Leslie H. Picca, Ph.D., Molly Malany Sayre, Ph.D.


Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

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Honors Thesis


Secondary traumatic stress (STS) can impact anyone who interacts with a victim of trauma, such as family, friends, first responders, or social workers. This project ultimately aims to determine whether or not the opioid crisis impacts the levels of secondary traumatic stress in children services workers. This research examines STS in current children services workers who work directly with victims of child abuse or neglect alongside how frequently children services workers are exposed to opioid-related cases in their professional lives. Data for this project were gathered by administering a survey to two area children services agencies to assess the STS levels of those who work there. After conducting a multiple regression analysis, the results of this research show that there is a weak to moderate association between the frequency of a children services worker’s exposure to opioid-related children services cases and a higher level of STS.

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Anthropology | Social Work | Sociology