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Honors Thesis


This thesis focuses on the three different projects that I worked on during my time in Dr. Yvonne Sun’s microbiology lab. The main goal of the first project was to develop an analytical method on UD’s campus to analyze SCFAs by using Gas Chromatography. This was achieved by creating defined media that could sustain the growth of Listeria monocytogenes (Listeria) and developing a successful characterization method on a GC. The main goal of the second project was to determine the effects that SCFA supplementation and age have on Listeria infection. This was achieved using in vitro methods to assess the effects of SCFAs on LLO production, acetoin production, and cell culture infection and in vivo methods to assess the effects of SCFAs and age on mice with Listeria infections. The main goal of the third project was to gain a better understanding of the mechanism underlying the regulation of Listeria’s LLO production by varying oxygen levels. This was achieved by performing aerobic/anaerobic transition experiments and aerobic/microaerobic/anaerobic experiments.

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