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James Todd Uhlman



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Honors Thesis


This honors thesis focuses on the University of Dayton during the 1960s when the university transitioned from a small, parochial Catholic college to a larger, more secular institution. This change was rooted in much wider transformations taking place in both the Catholic community and broader society during the decade. During this period of transition, two major groups, Dayton residents and University of Dayton students, had differing opinions on the transition. Campus and city newspaper coverage of key debates helped shape public opinion. This thesis examines how the local Dayton Daily News and the University of Dayton student newspaper, Flyer News, both reflected and influenced Dayton residents and University of Dayton students, respectively. Specifically, this thesis identifies three key controversies in the late 1960s at the University of Dayton that embodied the changes and examines newspaper coverage of them.

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