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Haozhou Pu


Health and Sport Science

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Honors Thesis


The English Premier League's "No Room For Racism" campaign is dedicated toward stopping racism in the league, sport, and society as a whole. The campaign is two years old at the time of this publication, and has had several phases. This study examines the campaign from the framework of corporate social responsibility and corporate social advocacy. The stakeholders affected by "No Room For Racism" are affected and react in differing ways, while using different communication methods in their promotion of the campaign. One key stakeholder, the Premier League's fans, took to social media to express their opinions on the campaign. Their reactions have been sampled and analyzed through this study for content and sentiment. As an evolving campaign, "No Room For Racism" has used current events and stakeholder feedback in its different phases as guidance for the actions taken through the campaign. The actions and impact have been examined through direct communication from stakeholders and articles by the popular press.

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