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Stephen Hall


Management Information Systems, Operations Management, and Decision Sciences

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Honors Thesis


In the competitive business world today, every company must keep up with technological advances and, therefore, incorporate data analytics into their operations. Data analytics are a vital aspect of every department in every company. When these analytics are operationalized, or the analytics are automated and applied to the operational side, companies can increase productivity, efficiencies, and customer satisfaction. Through my thesis, I establish how utilization of operational analytics can provide a competitive advantage for a company. I walk through the history of analytics, the different platforms involved in making an analytics process operational, as well as the decisions involved. Along with secondary research, I have interviewed different analytics professionals, gained a certification in Tableau, a data visualization platform, and taken a course to learn the basics of the coding language, Python. The operationalization of data analytics is a unique subject that will grow in importance as the digital world develops.

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