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Misty Thomas-Trout


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Honors Thesis


Perception, which can be defined as becoming aware of occurrences in the world through the senses, is different for every person (Merriam-Webster). My thesis deals with perception in the form of a condition called synesthesia and the communication of this condition using graphic design. Synesthesia is a condition that involves the involuntary crossing of the senses, resulting in multi-sensory experiences every time a synesthete absorbs the world and visible language. Utilizing the field of graphic design, I created several projects to communicate my three goals of conducting research on synesthesia, sharing what I experience every day, and educating others about synesthesia. I used the inspiration of many important sources about synesthesia to create a graphic design-centered action plan that resulted in a book titled A Story of Synesthetic Discovery, several research posters, and a visual song that utilizes my visual perception of the world as a synesthete.

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