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William Trollinger


History and Religious Studies

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Honors Thesis


Recent years have shown a rising trend in fascist and antisemitic actions and attitudes in the United States. In response to this trend, communities have organized into various nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) committed to mobilizing people to combat fascism and antisemitism as they see it. An analysis of these organizations’ methods and varying degrees of success will offer a blueprint for future action against fascism. Due to their historical connection to this type of mobilization against fascism, this research will be focused on Jewish-led and organized NGOs. NGOs are often the first to call attention to actions by groups and states that violate citizens’ human rights and are therefore useful resources in determining the state of human rights. By analyzing these NGOs, the scope of the rise of fascism and antisemitism will be illuminated as well as which methods are best to overcome this unwanted drift and to promote peace.

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