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Boron Dipyrromethene Dyes Covalently Bound to Bovine Serum Albumin: A Simplified Route to Fluorescent Dye-Protein Conjugates


Shawn Swavey



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Honors Thesis


Fluorescent probes/dyes have proved critical to disentangling complex cellular functions leading to the discovery of therapeutics for a variety of diseases. Visualization of the smallest molecular functions within a cell is best accomplished with probes capable of not only localization at specific cellular regions but emission of light within the near infrared (NIR) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (i.e., wavelengths from 650 nm to 900 nm). Novel fluorescent BODIPY dyes with absorption and emission propterites across the electromagnetic spectrum were synthesized using a simplified route. These BODIPY dyes were then bound to NHS esters using standard coupling reagents. Following their purification, BODIPY-NHS dyes were successfully bound to BSA protein. Swavey Lab is currently working in collaboration for these dyes to be functionally tested for their potential use as fluorescent probes in immunohistochemical experiments to visualize neural cells in the mouse brain.

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