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Martha Hurley, Ph.D.


Criminal Justice and Security Studies

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Prior research has been conducted to look at the effects on children who have incarcerated parents. However, there’s been minimal research asking the parents about the impact their incarceration has had on their children. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to explore formerly incarcerated parents' perspectives about the resources their children need to succeed in different areas of their lives, and what they think would help them improve relationships with their children. Participants will be formerly incarcerated individuals who are currently on probation, have children, and are over the age of eighteen. Participants will be invited to take the survey on a volunteer basis. Recruitment of participants will occur through Dr. DeLong, who will provide current and former clients who have children with the invitation to participate. A survey methodological approach will be used to accomplish the goal of the study. The consent to participate form will be completed, and at the end of the form will be the QR code. The QR code can be scanned on the participant’s mobile device and will take the participant's right to the survey on Qualtrics.

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