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Joy Willenbrink-Conte, MA, MT-BC



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Honors Thesis


Music therapy is a healthcare field wherein music experiences and the myriad relationships formed between client(s), board-certified music therapist(s), and music activates health-oriented changes (Bruscia, 2014). Within this field there are multiple facets that directly impact the client’s experiences; these include: arrangement of the therapy environment, role and function of music experiences, therapeutic relationships, and communication in verbal and non-verbal forms. However, there is a gap in the education and training of music therapists concerning alternatives to verbal communication, and the use of these alternatives in therapy. Through interviews and analysis, this thesis presents findings regarding the experiences of one non-speaking music therapy participant, and three board certified music therapists with relevant expertise, to empower professional and student music therapists to advance their engagement with non-speaking clients in music therapy.

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