Honors Theses


Natalie Florea Hudson


Political Science

Publication Date

Spring 4-2014

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Honors Thesis


Advocates hailed the deployment of female formed police units (FFPUs), or all-female units, as part of UN peacekeeping missions as a groundbreaking achievement for women's empowerment. Three FFPUs have been deployed to Liberia, Timor-Leste, and Haiti. Supporters of FFPUs claim that female police are better peacekeepers, less prone to violence, and more responsive to sexual and gender based-violence. Furthermore, FFPUs are expected to act as role models, challenge gender stereotypes, and encourage local women to participate in the security sector. However, little systematic research has been conducted to evaluate these proposed beneficial impacts of FFPUs. Using feminist discourse analysis and qualitative interview analysis with the current FFPU deployed in Liberia as a case study, this thesis evaluates the effects of FFPUs on women’s empowerment efforts in local communities to determine the nature and sustainability of these impacts on women’s empowerment.

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Undergraduate research


Political Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences