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Vladimir Benin



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Spring 4-2015

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Honors Thesis


Flame retardants which contain a phosphorus moiety attached to a carbohydrate backbone were developed. To synthesize the flame retardants, carbohydrates and polyols were used as the starting materials which occur in nature and are environmentally and toxicologically safe materials. The two target structures include one with a triose substructure and one with a pentose substructure. For both situations, however, multiple steps were taken for the synthesis of the flame retardant, as the carbohydrate needed to be generated into its protected form. The protected carbohydrate then interacted with a dialkyl phosphite, resulting in a phosphorous hemiacetal. This hemiacetal was then deprotected to form the final product, which is the target flame retardant. Ultimately, the goal is to produce a flame retardant which is both safe and effective.

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