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Haimanti Roy



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Spring 4-2015

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Honors Thesis


The Indian Ocean has served as a catalyst for trade throughout history, connecting multiple cultural and geographical spheres. My goal was to dissect the ways in which social and cultural norms were impacted by the large amount of diversity found within Indian Ocean port cities between 1500 and 1800. Specifically, I chose to investigate the possibility of the creation of a virtue of diversity, similar to the concept of Cosmopolitanism. In this case, this would mean a variety of people who differ in cultural, ethnicity, and religion sharing mutual respect within a particular space. Among the factors which shaped these changing values, I explored the impact of changing European influence and the ways in which it both fit and broke this mould. Within this broad framework, I incorporated a case study focusing on the trade city of Calicut, as well as other ports, to guide my inquiry.

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