Honors Theses


Roger J. Crum


Art and Design

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Spring 4-2016

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Honors Thesis


The University of Dayton is among many Catholic institutions that are experiencing the need for multi-faith accommodation as its student body becomes more diverse in the 21st century. While the majority of the University’s population is Catholic, there are growing numbers of Muslim, Jewish, and Protestant students as well as others of undeclared faiths or of no faith traditions who must interact on campus. In view of the history of Catholic higher education and the current practice and philosophy of interfaith dialogue, how should the University of Dayton approach this new multi-cultural reality in terms of dedicating space and designing or modifying architecture? This thesis provides a comparative analysis of existing university spaces and their artistic appointments for multi-faith and interfaith accommodation. In the broader context of assessing how Catholic colleges and universities and the Catholic and Marianist University of Dayton in particular are presenting addressing interfaith dialogue, this thesis proposes the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas as a model of multi-faith religious space that could lead to the next stage of interfaith dialogue and accommodation on Catholic university campuses.

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Art and Design | Higher Education | Liturgy and Worship | Religion