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Sara E. Garchar

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61 x 76.2 x 2.5 cm (24 x 30 x 1 inches)


mixed media, acrylic paint, paper, canvas


A Rose by Any Other Name is a mixed media painting created by University of Dayton student Sara E. Garchar. The painting is a continuous exploration of material and surface, which is evident in the multiple layers utilized and in the spontaneity of abstraction that that artist's methods allow. Much of Sara's work has to do with her views of feminism and the treatment of women. Here she rendered hybrid, imaginary objects, combining organic rose petals and roots with man-made metallic claws. In doing so she abstractly comments on the glorification of misogyny in our culture, the celebrated juxtaposition of brutality and femininity, and the continued double-standards which still thrive in the media. Sara centered these two objects on the picture plane as icons, framed to be idolized and looked upon, much as the female body today is so often objectified.

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mixed media, painting


feminism, flowers, paintings