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Dayton (Ohio)


76.2 x 228.6 x 3.8 cm (30 x 90 x 1.5 inches)


acrylic paint, ink, canvas


Chelsea Glankler created this work while a bachelor of fine arts major at the University of Dayton. Her concentration in painting and illustration is evident in this particular piece. Painting has always been a way for Chelsea to escape and channel different ideas. Not only does she enjoy the fluidity of a brushstroke, but also the different mediums and colors, such as acrylic and oil paints, which have a meditating affect on the body. Chelsea's concerns about the current decline in the honeybee population inspired the triptych seen here. Bees pollinate nearly all of our crops, which is why their well-being is crucial to ours. As Chelsea states, "My painting serves as homage to the honeybee, because I believe bees have a fascinating work ethic and are one of the most well organized and enthusiastic living organisms on our planet. This three-panel piece begins with life in the first two panels, followed by decay and abandonment in the third. The vivid color palette can be viewed as cheerful, but also represents the harmful pesticides, diseases, cell-phone signals and other harmful factors that seem to be harming the honeybee population. This painting is meant to be enjoyed, but serves as a bugle call to be aware of your environment and how you contribute to the Earth's well being."

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honeybees, acrylic paintings