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approximately 1925

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devotional pictures




A profile portrait of Jesus' face and upper body. He is wearing a crown of thorns, and blood is dripping from his wounds. The back of the card has handwritten poem about being the mother of two nuns. This card was printed in Spain by an unknown publisher in the early twentieth century. The handwritten poem is an adaptation of a widely distributed poem of unknown authorage, 'I'm the Mother of a Nun.'


Pater dimitte illis non enim scinnt quid Faciunt (front) I'm the Mother of Two Nuns. Sure my daughters have been vested And my joy I cannot hide, For I've watched them from the cradle With a mother's honest pride. But the morns they left me early I was feeling mighty blue, Just a-thinking how I'd miss them And the things they used to do. But now, somehow it's different,--With each rising of the sun, And my heart is ever singing, 'I'm the mother of a nun.' Since to err is only human There's a whole lot on the slate, That I'll have to make account for When I reach the golden gate. But then I'm not a-worrying About the deeds I've done, I'll just whisper to St. Peter: 'I'm the mother of two nuns.' God love you, Mother,--we do! (back)


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