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The Rosary Center


Canadian holy card depicting Our Lady of Fatima as a force against Communism. The illustration shows the Blessed Virgin Mary holding a rosary over a globe turned to show Russia and Europe, and flags from the United States, France, and Canada. The back of the card has two prayers: a "Prayer for Peace" and "Prayer for Those in Active Service." The card was printed in Canada and distributed by the Rosary Center in Montreal.


Our Lady of Fatima. The Fate of the World is in Your Hands. (front) Prayer for Peace. O God, from Whom proceed all holy desires, all right counsels and just works; grant unto us Thy Servants that peace which the world cannot give, that our hearts may be devoted to Thy service, and that, being delivered from the feat of our enemies, we may pass our time in peace under Thy protection. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. Prayer for Those in Active Service. O God, we beseech Thee, watch over those exposed to the horrors of war and to the spiritual dangers of a soldier's, a sailor's or airman's life. Give them such a strong faith that no human respect may ever lead them to deny it, or fear to practice it. Do Thou by Thy grace fortify them against the contagion of bad example, that, being preserved from vice, and serving Thee faithfully, they may be ready to meet death whenever it may happen, through Christ Our Lord. Amen. Sacred Heart, inspire them with sorrow for sin, and grant them pardon. Mother of God, be with them on the battlefield, and, if they should be called to make the supreme sacrifice, obtain for them that they may die in the grace of Thy Divine Son. St. Joseph, pray for them. May their guardian angels protect them. (Cum approbatione ecclesiastica) (back)


Holy cards, Our Lady of Fatima, communism, Virgin Mary, Madonna, prayer


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Holy cards, Our Lady of Fatima, communism, Virgin Mary, Madonna, prayer