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Paris (France), Lynn (Mass.)


A bouquet of flowers, possibly dogwood blossoms, is encircled by a crown of thorns. A beam of light with the word Pauvreté (Poverty) and a golden cross within it shines on the flowers. A quote from Saint Basil the Great appears to the left. The back of the card has an inscription commemorating the profession of religious vows by a Sister of Saint Joseph of Lynn, Massachusetts. This card was printed by Lecène and Companie, an affiliated printer of Maison Bouasse-Lebel.


Pauvreté. La Voie de la Perfection. La vierge qui brûle de l'Amour divin doit mépriser les richesses du siècle et suivre Jésus Christ avec une inébranlable générosilé. (St. Basile.) (front) Souvenir de ma profession religieuse. 24 Juillet, 1930. Sr. St. Denis (back)


U.S. Catholic Special Collection

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