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Creation Date

approximately 1918

Work Type

devotional pictures


Paris (France), Burgundy (France)


A woman wearing black kneels before a grave. An angel in white stands next to the tombstone. On the tomb are flowers, two wreaths, and a sword. Trees are in the background. The illustration on this card was originally painted by Etienne Azambre (1859-1935). Below the image is a quotation by Father Henri Perreyve (1831-1865). The back of the card has an inscription memorializing thirty-two soldiers from the Saint Point parish in Burgundy, France (Pierre Balland, Antoine Benat, Jacques Benat, Jean Bleton, Tony Boucaud, Anthoine Charvet, Francis Chassagne, Jean Chassagne, François Courvoisier, Philippe David, Joseph Delorme, Pierre Dubois, Pierre Dufour, Joannès Gelin, Michel Griffon, Benoît Jaffre, Joannès Janan, Joseph Janin, Claudius Lardet, Antonin Lepy, Claude Martin, Vincent Mercier, Antoine Milly, Claude-Marie Montangerand, Jean-Marie Montangerand, Jean-Louis Paissaud, Louis Poncet, Charles Quelin, Claude Quelin, Joanny Roux, Jean-Marie Toutant, Benoît Vinan). The card was printed by the Schaefer Brothers and sold at the Librairie Mignard in Paris.


Vous qui pleurez, que votre douleur s'apaise dans la divine espérance. (Abbé Perreyve) (front) Paroisse de Saint Point. Diocèse d'Autun. Souvenez-vous dans vos Prières de nos soldats morts pour la France. Balland Pierre. Benat Antoine. Benat Jacques. Bleton Jean. Boucaud Tony. Charvet Antoine. Chassagne Francis. Chassagne Jean. Courvoisier François. David Philippe. Delohme Joseph. Dubois Pierre. Dufour Pierre. Gelin Joannès. Griffon Michel. Jaffre Benoit. Janan Joannèes. Janin Joseph. Lardet Claudius. Lepy Antonin. Martin Claude. Marcier Vincent. Milly Antoine. Montangerand Claude-Marie. Montangerand Jean-Marie. Paissaud Jean-Louis. Poncet Louis. Quelin Charles. Quelin Claude. Roux Joanny. Toutant Jean-Marie. Vinan Benoit. Miséricordieux seigneur Jésus, donnez-leur le repos éternel. (300 j. d'ind.) (back)


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