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Creation Date

between 1907 and 1924

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devotional pictures


Paris (France)


Booklet holy card. The front cover has a statue of Jesus on the crucifix; at the base of the sculpture is a white rose and thorn branches. The inside of the booklet has unattributed reflections on the crucifixion. The back cover has the letters HIS encircled by a wreath of thorns. This card was printed by Maison Bouasse-Lebel and their subsidiary Lecène & Companie sometime between 1907 and 1924.


The True Friend. Let there be habitual and loving intercourse between our Crucifix and our soul; let it be our Friend in whom we Confide and whom we seek to imitate. (front) The Crucifix. Lord, the hour of my distress has come and I have been unable to bear it. I felt all my inward strength failing at once beneath the burden of an overpowering bitterness, a torrent of tears suddenly arose and sprang from my eyes. In this agony, the violence of which frightened me, I sought for succour; I cast my eyes around me I thought that so much suffering would finally call forth a Comforter; but I was alone and the Consoler did not appear. Then I perceived Thine image, O Christ; the instinct of salvation drew me towards It; I seized It with a trembling hand, and my face, bathed in tears, rested upon it. How much we cry over Thine image, O divine Crucified One! The tears of men know It well. There is between Thy Cross and human sorrow an eternal sympathy. Through my tears I looked at Thy Hands pierced for the love of men: my lips felt the nails which fastened Thy feet, and my hand tightly holding Thy Image rested on Thy wounded Heart. What did I say? What did I hear? I could not repeat it to myself. I remained long in union with Thee, kissing Thy wounds, holding in my hands Thy head crowned with thorns, losing myself in Thy Cross. For a long while I bathed with tears that Cross which Thou didst bath with Thy blood. I had no strength to pronounce one word, but, in the bottom of my heart, was the word which Thou, O Jesus, didst utter at the supreme moment: Father, unto Thy hands I commend my spirit. For a long while I followed the echo of that word, in all the folds of my soul, peering into depths I had ignored. Then peace came; I fell asleep as it were on Thy Heart, and little by little love conquered suffering. A strange, unhoped-for consolation which I felt did not come from myself, gently entered into my spirit, and while I was surprised at such a sudden change, that sweetness grew until it became like unto joy. Calm strength came to me. I felt I was renewed for the battle, and that my will had been seven times immersed in the Blood of the Lamb. O Cross of Jesus, Sublime Comforter, I shall never forget what Thou canst do against the overwhelming waters of despair and how Thou canst transform burning tears into peace and sweetness. (inside) IHS (back)


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