Not Here to Be Liked

Not Here to Be Liked


Michelle Quach



Not Here to Be Liked tells the story of a high school girl named Eliza, who, after years of hard work, is finally ready to take her position as editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper. But when her last-minute opponent, a totally unqualified ex-jock, is given the position, Eliza pours her anger into an essay. She claims the situation is a classic example of sexism, cheating women out of well-deserved leadership roles. As Eliza becomes the face of a feminist movement, she must grapple with the misogyny faced by women who do not conform to societal expectations, all while falling in love with the boy who started it all.

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Student Selectors

Caroline Turnbull, Karissa Kaminski, Luke Perry, Mitchell Hanna, Nathan Grobbel, Marilyn Moores


Amy Krug

Not Here to Be Liked