The Selection

The Selection


Kiera Cass



We chose this book because it is a very easy read and a great introduction to romance novels. Considering it was the first book in the series, it did not take us long to finish and drew us into the story. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy story about fighting over one’s heart, going out of your comfort zone, and befriending strangers. It was a very heartwarming book, and there were a couple of moments that really surprised us.

This book is a great starter book if you are looking to get into romance. There were very few intimate scenes, and the plot was compelling. It made the book easy to read and really kept you wanting to read more. The interactions between the main character and the love interest are heartwarming, but they keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Student Selectors

Zach Rice, Josh York, Shahd Salem, Matthew York, Harrison LaJoie


Amy Krug

The Selection