You Had Me at Hola

You Had Me at Hola


Alexis Daria



This book was chosen because of its interesting plot and characters. Two simultaneous love stories provide a nice mix to the romance genre along with its characters, who express their emotions in a realistic and adult way. While it does have its romantic moments, it is relatively tame and a good place to start for beginner romance readers.

This book provides value to the collection not only because it is a good book, but also because it provides diversity in the romance genre through its Puerto Rican characters. There are certain areas of the book that are in Spanish, but knowing Spanish is not required because the author provides translation. It also has a strong female character who provides depth and comedy to the story.

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Student Selectors

Zach Rice, Josh York, Shahd Salem, Matthew York, Harrison LaJoie


Amy Krug

You Had Me at Hola