Love Me Tinder

Love Me Tinder


Nicola May



Throughout the past 12 years of her life, Cali Summers has been living a good life with her boyfriend, whom she married. However, after a year of marriage, he decided to give up on her for his trainer. This leaves Cali to settle with online dating, something she is unfamiliar with. Will she continue to deal with her broken relationship or decide to move on with something out of her comfort zone?

We chose this book because the plot gives a complete look at online dating. It shows a character who has had a traditional relationship for a little over a decade but has to learn how to use online dating apps. Throughout this unique book, readers see the confusion that can go into using these apps and how they connect with romance.

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Joseph Giuliani, Sam Meisinger, Caden Knight, Francesco La Porte, Jackson Frericks


Amy Krug

Love Me Tinder