Change of Plans

Change of Plans


Dylan Newton



This book features a woman, Bryce Weatherford, who is given custody of her three young nieces. She then meets a retired marine, Ryker Matthews, who lost his leg in service and continues to deal with the pain. They both meet at the perfect time and help each other with their problems. We see how no matter what the obstacle may be, having someone by your side who will always be there is so important.

Change of Plans is a great addition to the Popular Romance Collection because it follows two people who both have challenges to work through. It shows the reality of people who have bumps in the road that need to be handled before love. The book gives a good sense of comfort and reality to show others it is OK to have stressful obstacles. This book also shows how important it is to have a support system. Having people who believe in you and will always be there allows you to reach your full potential.

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Sam Switzer, Mary Westrich, Grace Burkholder, Salem F.S.M. Alluwfan


Amy Krug

Change of Plans