Archer's Voice

Archer's Voice


Mia Sheridan



The main character, Bree, moves to get away from the trauma she experienced with her father after a brutal crime. She finds herself in a small town, developing feelings for a man with a childhood tragedy that left him mute and emotionally scarred. However, Bree finds out that she can understand him, and they both see something in each other that lets them both begin to heal. However, they both struggle with feelings for each other because of fears of abandonment and never being able to trust someone again.

This is a good addition to the collection because it may prompt readers to reflect on the way that they treat others and how they want others to treat them. This book makes people feel good because the love seems so pure. Most readers get attached to the characters and appreciate that there is a diverse cast. The story is moving and shows a strong impression of the disability.

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Sam Switzer, Mary Westrich, Grace Burkholder, Salem F.S.M. Alluwfan


Amy Krug

Archer's Voice