The Right Swipe

The Right Swipe


Alisha Rai



Rhiannon Hunter is trying to get over an ex, but the ex shows back up in her life as a dating app business rival. She is a hard-working business woman who only has occasional hookups instead of real romantic dating. Running into Samson, with whom she had a prior fling, leads to a romantic physical partnership. Is it too much of a risk to get back together again? And will this new business venture cause other issues?

We chose this book because it has a unique storyline and revolves around the dating app industry. It will add to the collection by giving a more modern picture of the dating world. We find it intriguing how the woman is the powerful figure and the man is portrayed in a weaker way.

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Joseph Giuliani, Sam Meisinger, Caden Knight, Francesco La Porte, Jackson Frericks


Amy Krug

The Right Swipe