Silent Melody

Silent Melody


Mary Balogh



Silent Melody is about Emily Marlowe, who is unable to hear or speak. This book goes through Emily’s life as she dreams about falling in love with the reckless Lord Ashley, who left for India and found a different love. “Seven years and countless dreams later, he returned to her, and love was born with a dance, a minute that stirred her soul, a song so passionate it has no words.”

This book depicts an nontraditional kind of love. It teaches others that they can find love or love someone in any way they want, and love is different for everyone. Another reason we chose this book is that it is not often that you hear about the main character being completely deaf.

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Sam Switzer, Mary Westrich, Grace Burkholder, Salem F.S.M. Alluwfan


Amy Krug

Silent Melody