The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door


Annabel Costa



The Boy Next Door tells the story of two best friends-turned-lovers. Jason and Tasha had been childhood friends, and they remained so for many years. Jason was the nerd, while Tasha was the hot and clueless teenager. However, Tasha has always been able to count on Jason. When the time for college comes, these friends go their separate ways, then reconnect later in New York. Now, Tasha finds herself single at 32 with a desire to settle down but incapable of finding the right person. She had never considered anything romantic could happen between herself and Jason, having retired him in the friend zone and seeing him as a brother. It takes Jason to declare his love for her to jump-start the love story.

This book was chosen for the collection because of how it represents disability, and it delivered. Jason is paraplegic, but the author handles this subject well. The hero is portrayed as smart, sexy, and adorable, dealing with his disability with humor and grace. Also, the author tastefully deals with his disability. This book was so much fun because of Tasha’s humorous narration. She also grows so much as a character from a shallow and reckless teen to an intelligent and likable person.

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Sam Switzer, Mary Westrich, Grace Burkholder, Salem F.S.M. Alluwfan


Amy Krug

The Boy Next Door