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This folio contains a series of engravings created to celebrate the life and miracles of a Florentine Carmelite nun, Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi, on the occasion of her canonization in 1669. Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi was canonized on April 28, 1669, and was one of only five women canonized in the 17th century performed in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Suite of 49 numbered engravings and a title page made after drawings by van Diepenbeeck and engraved by Frederik Bouttats Jr., Gaspard Bouttats, Martin Bouché, Davit Clouwet, Pieter van Lisebetten and Adriaen Lommelin.

The Virtual Carmelite Museum ( has provided translated captions for a selection of the engravings, including:

Plate 4: Discovered by Her Parents While She Spends the Night Praying in Ecstasy

Plate 5: Visit to the Prisoners and Giving Her Food to the Poor and the Prisoners

Plate 13: The Blessed Virgin Mary with Carmelite St. Angelo and St. Ignatious appear to her, revealing the marvels of purity and that of humanity

Plate 14: In the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of St. Augustine and St. Catherine of Siena, with a second ring she marries Our Lord Jesus Christ

Plate 15: In the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Carmelite St. Angelo, St. Augustine, and St. Catherine of Siena, she receives the crown of thorns from Our Lord

Plate 17: After suffering the pains of the Passion of Jesus Christ, St. Augustine writes on her heart “The Word was made flesh”

Plate 18: While meditating on the passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, she receives the Sacred Stigmata through fire

Plate 21: She thinks of cooling the heart from the excessiveness of the love of God with an abundant sprinkling of water

Plate 23: Reciting the Divine Office with Carmelite St. Angelo and St. Augustine

Plate 28: Jesus Christ gives her the instruments used during his passion as a unique remedy against temptations.

Plate 33: While in ecstasy to Cardinal de’ Medici, Archbishop of Florence, she predicts his election as pope.

Plate 45: After death, turning away from a young man who wanted to see her closeup

Plate 48: Canonization by Pope Clement IX on April 18, 1669


Latin, Flemish, and French






Anvers or Antwerp


17th Century


Marian Library, University of Dayton


Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi, Carmelites, Carmelite art, Christian Saints in Art, Engravings, Devotional pictures–Belgium

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Vita seraphicae virginis s. Mariae Magdalenae de Pazzis, florentinae ordinis B.V. Mariae de Monte Carmelo regularis observantiae iconibus expressa.