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Seth is a first-year biochemistry major with interests in pursuing medicine or similar fields. Seth is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and has interests in sports, music, and science.

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Amir Kalan

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University of Dayton

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When it comes to learning and teaching, there are many ways for teachers and students to maximize the amount of learning that happens in the schooling environment. The focus of this paper is the effects of experiential learning in medical education. This pedagogy is very common in many teaching strategies and is widely used, debated, and studied throughout academia. This paper will introduce experiential learning as it is seen broadly throughout all fields of study and practice, but will then specifically focus on experiential learning and its effects on medical education. Using two different types of experiential learning, community-based learning and situated learning, this paper will provide examples and advocate for the use of experiential learning in medical education today. The significance of this paper is to provide literature for the use of experiential learning in medicine and hopefully encourage educators throughout academia to turn to this method of teaching for a different approach to teaching medical students, who often have to engage with rote learning.


Experiential Learning, Medicine, Education


Digital Humanities | Educational Methods | Higher Education | Medical Education | Rhetoric and Composition


This paper was written for my English 200H class. The subject is something that interests me, and I put in a great deal of effort because of it. I would like to thank Professor Kalan for this opportunity to publish one of my works.



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