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Amir Kalan

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Fall 6-11-2018

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Undergraduate Voices




University of Dayton

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This study aims to look at various businesses and address how they view and deal with the idea of making their practice more environmentally friendly and sustainable. More specifically, it will focus on how businesses spend money to make sure they are “green.” It will show whether or not businesses are more focused on earning money and making profit or about making the transition to being more environmentally concerned even if that includes spending more money to do so. This study also explores the benefits for businesses that choose to “go green” to see if the investment of being more environmentally conscious is worth the extra money. It will also look at the differences between what the larger businesses do compared to what smaller locally run businesses do by looking at the amount of revenue they pull in and how much of that goes to either fixing their own practices and making them more sustainable and what they do to educate or help the community improve the surrounding areas. Some areas of interest that the study will go into in length are the monetary effects of consciously making an effort to recycle or not. This study addresses the lack of knowledge that consumers have about the stance of the businesses that they use about an important topic such as the impact of the business on the environment. I will be addressing this topic by looking at what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires as a minimum for environmental regulations. Most of my research would be looking at businesses’ reports to figure out how much they spend and how important making their business more environmentally conscious and compare them between each other.


Sustainability, business, corporations, environment, green


Business | Digital Humanities | Rhetoric and Composition



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