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Jared Beach is a student in the School of Business Administration at the University of Dayton. At the time of writing this paper, he was exploring the many fields of business and working to figure out his future.

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A person with a goal needs careful and thoughtful planning and execution if he or she is to attain success. There exist multiple layers of decision making, management, and maintenance to provide continuity, growth, and prosperity (McCormack, 1990). While in theory everything should run smoothly, the real may not function to the sights we envision. In the instance of running businesses, the process of turning thoughts on paper into profit will never be as easy as inhaling and exhaling. It takes a large investment of time and resources to guide a company towards achieving what one sets out to accomplish. One must plan amongst multiple facets; there are numerous variations of details that require attention. Perhaps the most important aspect falls toward the living, the working: the people. Businesses need a workforce, and the workforce helps a business attain its goals. Standards of work are set and to be followed to protect the workers. Hypothetically, the happiness of the workers should have a positive correlation with the output and production of themselves and the company.

The ideas that follow are a compilation of my outlook on how businesses should operate following from my own limited experiences, conversations with others, presentations by speakers, and research on related topics. I have written this piece to provide an example of the viewpoint of a first-year college student, one who has been searching for what his future career may hold. I entail both a thoughtful introspection of my inner beliefs and outside examinations toward how firms should run and how people should work. I do not know where my education and career may go, or which business degree I graduate with, but I wish to write for my future self and for the current minds of others, so that we may always remember to keep to high standards, withstand temptations, and be a leader for others in an ever-changing world that, as current headlines can attest to, are not as simple as we, as a society, would hope.


business ethics, workplace culture, governance, success, profit, purpose, people at the center, moral integrity, management


Business and Corporate Communications | Digital Humanities | Rhetoric and Composition | Strategic Management Policy



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