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In the Fall of 2015, the HIR Fellows for Vocation entered an exploration of the Vocation Learning Outcome outlined in the Habits of Inquiry and Reflection (2006), the document undergirding the development of the Common Academic Program. The Fellows took the following steps in developing our collective understanding of vocation, the learning outcome, the University’s current approaches to addressing vocation via curricular and co-curricular offerings, and opportunities ahead. We studied David S. Cunningham’s (2015) At This Time and in This Place: Vocation and Higher Education', discussed our collective understanding of vocation; studied Habits of Inquiry and Reflection; reviewed curricular offerings approved through the CAP process that included vocation as a learning outcome; reviewed co-curricular offerings related to vocation; conducted focus group interviews with students, faculty and staff who are already interested and engaged in vocation-related activities on campus; and conducted focus group interviews with undergraduate students to better understand their experiences at the University of Dayton related to vocation and vocational discernment.

In this white paper, we share the results of our research and discussions and identify some of the challenges and opportunities facing our campus in meeting the University’s Vocation Learning Outcome, as articulated in Habits of Inquiry and Reflection.


Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Higher Education