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Vocation is central to the University of Dayton’s vision and mission.

In its efforts to educate the “whole person,” the University must attend to its students’ intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth; help students define and live a life of purpose, meaning, and personal fulfillment; and develop in students habits of reflection, community engagement, and service. In other words, the University’s goal is to graduate students who are actively engaged in discerning and realizing their vocation.

Vocation may be defined as answering a call to discover one’s unique gifts and employ them in service for the common good in ways that are personally satisfying and bring meaning to one’s life.


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This document was part of the Habits of Inquiry and Reflection Fellows' April 2016 white paper "The Vocation Learning Outcomes at the University of Dayton."

Members: Molly Schaller, Co-Chair; Steven Neiheisel, Co-Chair; Irene Dickey; Jason Eckert; Katie Kinnucan-Welsch; Suki Kwon; Crystal Sullivan; Cari Wallace; Stephen Wilhoit