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In this second iteration, the "Status of Women at the University of Dayton: 2019 -20 Report Card" continues the effort of the inaugural report card in measuring the representation of women across the UD workforce and in leadership roles, with a focus on highlighting changes from year to year. Our goal in generating this report card is to annually evaluate progress toward increasing institutional diversity and promoting equity for women-identified staff and faculty. In doing so, the report identifies areas where progress is being made and areas where more work is needed. The report card is also a space to share progress on gender equity initiatives led by the Women's Center and other units across campus.

Data presented in this report card was provided by the university’s Institutional Research Office and represents data collected in fall 2019; all gender and racial categories are self-reported. This year's report card has some notable changes from the previous academic year, including: a focus on disciplinary differences among faculty by rank; and a breakdown of job categories within both exempt and nonexempt staff. We believe these changes add to our understanding of the gendered division of labor within the institution and its connection to pay, job security, and advancement. As with the previous iteration of the report card, we disaggregated the data to more clearly show the differences between and among women (and men) by examining both gender and race.


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Women's Studies