Artist or Creative Lead

Kate Tepe


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Photographer or designer

Madeleine McCabe, photographer


Exhibit dates: September 6-27, 2016
Creative lead: Kate Tepe

Life often presents us with what appear to be binary choices. Is it really that simple?

Sensationalize asks viewers how well they think they know themselves, using the idea of binary choice. The work is set up as a four-dimensional playground that is uses a similar visual language to that of a workshop. Viewers are called upon to enter a space set up for the work of self-reflection through a series of decisions, ultimately casted as votes. As more individuals engage in the work, personal consideration turns into the collective reflection of the community; here the personal identities shape the groups and the sparse atmosphere leaves little room for hiding, for the only colored elements in the space, are the reflections of individual decisions. A reflection of who we are as a group built by individual ideology.

There is no specified path for the space. Viewers can begin with the posters or work with the card or dice games. Viewers can play once, or multiple times. The space is activated by individual decision-making and user participation.

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White Box Gallery


ArtStreet, IACT