Artist or Creative Lead

Todd Richman


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Exhibit Name


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Photographer or designer

Madeleine McCabe, photographer


Exhibit dates: October 4-25, 2016
Exhibit question: Psychological or physical restraint is perceived ... or real? Going somewhere?
Creative lead: Todd Richman

The inspiration for Control came from the minimalist light installations of James Turrell. In his work the audience experiences a pitch-black room lit by an even fluorescent glow causing, the physiological side effect of a momentary loss of depth perception. Similarly, the goal of this installation is to allow the participant audience to become more aware of their thoughts in flux. As the light sources reflect through the space they diffuse into one another shifting hue, and envelop the room in a sense of calm allowing one to tune into the changes the lights impress upon them individually. In addition to the lighting and audio components the audience is asked to participate in the creation of a painting which acts as a record of the changes in the light being reflected by the mirror array.

Exhibit Start Date



White Box Gallery


ArtStreet, IACT