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Robert J. Brecha, University of Dayton


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Archaeology of a Neighborhood: A Journey Through Time, Memory, and Place

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Exhibit dates: January 4–February 10, 2010

A student-created exhibit on display at ArtStreet uncovers the history of one of UD's best-known symbols of community: the south student neighborhood. Archaeology of a Neighborhood, a Fall 2009 SEE (Sustainability, Energy and Environment) integrated arts course, offered an interdisciplinary approach to uncovering the history of the UD Student Neighborhood. Students created work in a variety of media, including visual place maps, archival and re-photography projects, installation, and multi-media projects incorporating interviews and images. The course was instructed by Dr. Robert Brecha, Coordinator of SEE and Professor of Physics, and Dennie Eagleson, Artist in Residence.

"This has been a process of looking back, unpeeling layers of history and community," said Dennie Eagleson, co-instructor of the course. "The result is a great testimony to the importance of the neighborhood and the places — the particular memories — that alumni have about the neighborhood."The exhibit features 11 documentary-style audiovisual interviews with alumni who lived in the student neighborhood in the '70s, '80s and '90s. The students also interviewed 11 "community builders" — people associated with University of Dayton who are currently making significant contributions to the neighborhood. The interviews will be shown on a television in the center of the studio, complete with mismatched furniture and decorations to replicate the decor of a typical house in the student neighborhood.The walls are covered with traditional, two-dimensional displays, including personal place maps and a photo mosaic of student houses in the neighborhood, combined to create the student-housing logo. Other projects include a song, audio slideshows of the sounds of the student neighborhood, interviews with current students and rephotography — the combination of old and recent photographs of the same place.

Participating students: Hillary Cutter, Tracy Flagg, Molly Geib, Eileen Kennedy, Christa Kling, Lindsie MacPherson, Drew Morrison, Alix Omori, Kaitlyn Reed, Brad Ryczko, Jordan Schneider, and Leah Winneke.Course and exhibit supported by ArtStreet and the Mann Chair in the Sciences. Image by Alix Omori.

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Studio D Gallery